It is for most tragic and mortally painful to confront perceived failure.

In fact, a somber fact, some would tell you or prove through tragic action, that death is preferable to failure.

But a re-frame here – How many times in life what we at first view as failure is actually the beckoning of our full heart/soul path – one we would have perhaps missed or overlooked if we continued on our perceived path of success? What iF living fully is what is being called forth?

Sometimes the former ways, ‘custumes’, ‘masks’, etc. must be shed but it is so far from what we may call failure, it will truly make the heart sing. I invite you to rethink what feels like failure in life when it comes into your field of being in this life.

I think failure is like death for many. And fear of it chases us down … So we face it head ON and not give it more weight. It is a harbinger of dramatically better days really. Thankfully!

Blessings on the Journey,
Pam Olsen